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It can be hard to stay on top of things when you're not feeling great. Check out our ultimate self-care guide for when you feel like giving up.

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Does your life look good from the outside, but on the inside it feels anything but good? Or are you going through a tough time and need a little help?

Therapy can help you clarify the problems and issues affecting you, and teach you how to work through and cope with these difficult times. Through counselling, we can work together to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings that get in the way of feeling good. Let us help you find insight and help you regain peace and happiness.

At Ballsbridge Counselling, we offer accredited, safe and confidential counselling services; and we will help you take the first step towards improving your sense of well-being and confidence.

Remember, an arrow can only be shot forward by pulling it backward.

So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it is going to launch you forward into something great. Let us help you in launching yourself forward, and build the life you want.

Happy Thoughts

Happy Thoughts

We all need a pick me up or a positive affirmation every now and again. Check our slideshow for inspiration or even just a smile.

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We can help you with issues such as:

Sleep Disorders (i.e. insomnia)
Past or recent trauma
Low Self-Esteem
Relationship Problems
Communication Problems
Loss of Motivation
Work Related Difficulties
Personal Development


Nicole Paulie, M.S., LPC, Reg.Psychol. Ps.S.I.
Registered Counselling Psychologist

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