Maintaining Self-Control This Holiday Season

Over the Holiday season, it is so easy to spend too much, eat too much, drink too much, etc. It seems we are always stretching ourselves just a little too thin during this time of year. All of the parties,

Finding Gratitude

Earlier today, I read an article about Charla Nash – a woman who had been brutally attacked by an ape, had a face transplant, lost her hands and her sight. We periodically hear stories like this, and it can lead us to

How to Handle Criticism

Criticism: It’s something all of us will hear, and frankly need to hear at some point or another in our lives. If it wasn’t for periodic criticism, we would never improve. Does that mean it’s easy to take? Absolutely not!

How to Resolve Anger

Hopefully, in the previous post on anger, you were able to learn a bit about how you tend to respond to anger. Now that you have had a chance to explore your anger style, this post focuses on how to

Identifying your Anger Style

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling angry, but you are not sure why? Do you feel that you become irritated by others at the drop of a hat? Often people become so distracted by their daily lives, that they do not pay close

How to Say No

“No means No”. Sounds simple, right? Sometimes though, “no” does not feel like it just means no. Saying no to friends, family members, and loved ones can sometimes be a very difficult situation. “No” – it’s such a simple word,

SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Do you get the “winter blues” or seasonal depression? Find yourself getting depressed at the same time every year?  There is a good chance you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Symptoms of SAD SAD is often characterized by feelings