Attachment Styles – What are they?

The attachments we form with our primary caregivers are the most important relationships we will ever make. They give us the foundation for all future relationships and teach us how to handle everyday events in our lives. When our experiences

Birth Order and Personality: Is there a really a difference?

How often do you hear, “Oh, they’re both oldest children? Oh yeah… that’ll last.” Or, “She’s the baby of the family? She must be spoiled…” Ok, maybe you don’t hear it as much as much as I do; however, chances are you have heard

Addiction and Codependency

Codependency… it’s something we hear quite a bit. You may have heard about someone being dependent on someone or something else, but what is codependency? What is codependency? The definition of codependency according to Mental Health America is: behavioural and emotional condition

Relapse Prevention

In my past two posts, I talked about alcohol abuse and identifying our triggers in addiction. However, once we’ve been in treatment, or just working to better ourselves on our own, what do we do once we’re there? It’s important to be aware

Addiction: Identifying our Triggers

When we are trying to stop any addiction or behavior, whether its emotional eating, anger, drinking, smoking, drug use, or just trying to decrease our anxiety responses, it’s important to learn how to identify the triggers for each behavior are.

Alcohol Abuse: When it becomes more than just having a good time

With the start of a new year, people often set their resolutions to get their life back on track. Losing weight, eating healthier, quit smoking, climb out of debt, etc. Well, for most of these, there seems to be a