Reach Out: You can’t fail at being mindful

The following blog post is an article I originally wrote on behalf of ReachOut for the January 20th, 2013 edition of the Sunday Business Post. Mindfulness provides many physical and psychological benefits. It has started to work its way into therapies for things such

Coping Skills: The good and the Bad

Image Credit: Doug Savage Often times I am asked by clients, “Can you just give me some tips on basic coping skills?” So, I thought I would post some here. What are coping skills? Before give tips on coping skills,

Upcoming Workshop on Lifestyle Changes for Depression-Dublin

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to make a quick post for those followers who are in Dublin, Ireland. I will be leading a workshop next weekend on Saturday, January 12th at the MyMind Ranelagh/Dublin office. The last workshop (Lifestyle Changes for