3 Ways to Strengthen your Marriage or Relationship

Look for Context

Are the external factors that are worth noting in the situation you’re in? Has your partner been a bit cranky lately as the result of a difficult project at work? Sometimes understanding the context behind what’s happening can help you best understand how to approach the situation and understand it better.

Use a Growth Mindset

Compatability doesn’t have to be fixed, compatibility is something that can be worked on. If there’s an argument between yourself and your partner, see if each of you can find ways to learn from the experience to better deal with conflict in the future.

Diversify Your Social Portfolio

Your partner should not be the only person you rely on for support. Having one person be your sole support when happy, sad, angry, anxious, etc is too much for one person. It’s important to have your needs also met by other people and activities outside of your relationship

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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage
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