Lost in the Cloud – Preventing Phone Addiction

Lost in the Cloud – Preventing Phone Addiction

We’ve all been there; I’ve done it. You check your phone, and then set it down. Then, instinctively, you pick it up again almost moments later – almost like a reflex. Most people who own smartphones admit that at some

Drink Free Paddy’s Day?

St. Patrick’s day is a day that is often associated with consuming copious amounts of alcohol, and celebrating out in the streets. While that may not be the case for all, that is definitely the case a vast majority of

Self-Soothing Kits – Preparing for Bad Days

Self-Soothing Kits – Preparing for Bad Days

One of favourite things to suggest to client, especially for dealing with bad days are Self-Soothing Kits. These are good when you’re feeling down and need a pick me up, when you have an urge to binge or purge with eating disorders,

Coping Skills: The good and the Bad

Image Credit: Doug Savage Often times I am asked by clients, “Can you just give me some tips on basic coping skills?” So, I thought I would post some here. What are coping skills? Before give tips on coping skills,

Why Change Is So Hard

Why Change Is So Hard

When we find that we are doing well, being healthy, and improving ourselves, it can be difficult to see others that aren’t doing the same. This could be a friend suffering from depression who doesn’t seem to want to get

Alcohol Awareness Month 2012: How to help a drunk friend

In the United States, April is Alcohol Awareness Month. This month, theNCADD is focusing on trying to prevent under-age drinking. In part to raise awareness, this blog post is about how to help a friend who has become drunk. Because of their lack of

Count What Matters – Helping a friend with an eating disorder

anad.org As many of you in the health community know, this week (February 26-March 3rd) is National Eating Awareness Week in America, and this past week (February 20-26th) in Ireland. So, to do my part, today’s post is about the

Addiction and Codependency

Codependency… it’s something we hear quite a bit. You may have heard about someone being dependent on someone or something else, but what is codependency? What is codependency? The definition of codependency according to Mental Health America is: behavioural and emotional condition

Relapse Prevention

In my past two posts, I talked about alcohol abuse and identifying our triggers in addiction. However, once we’ve been in treatment, or just working to better ourselves on our own, what do we do once we’re there? It’s important to be aware

Addiction: Identifying our Triggers

When we are trying to stop any addiction or behavior, whether its emotional eating, anger, drinking, smoking, drug use, or just trying to decrease our anxiety responses, it’s important to learn how to identify the triggers for each behavior are.