Physical Activity as a Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder?

Physical Activity as a Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder?

Of all people who are trying to lose weight, approximately one-third currently suffer from binge eating disorder. Binge eating disorder (BED) is a very serious eating disorder when the person is unable to control their eating. Obviously, this results in

[Infographic] 17 Effects of Bulimia on the Body

This article is a guest post written by Ann Pietrangelo on behalf of Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder in which a person creates a destructive pattern of eating in order to control their weight. People with bulimia tend to

ATB: Top Eating Disorder Recovery Apps

This blog post was originally published on the website All The Buzz Today marks the beginning of Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Since the year 2000, the amount of people diagnosed each year with eating disorders has risen by 15%. It is

Self-Soothing Kits – Preparing for Bad Days

Self-Soothing Kits – Preparing for Bad Days

One of favourite things to suggest to client, especially for dealing with bad days are Self-Soothing Kits. These are good when you’re feeling down and need a pick me up, when you have an urge to binge or purge with eating disorders,

Eating Disorders Among Males

This blog post is an article originally written for the Sunday Business Post on behalf of It is a common misperception that eating disorders only affect women. The reality is that eating disorders are serious conditions that can affect both men and

Managing Comfort Eating

The following blog post is an article I originally wrote on behalf of ReachOut for the 09 December 2012 Edition of the Sunday Business Post Indulging a bit in your favourite food when something upsets you is okay and everybody is likely to do it

Men and Eating Disorders

This is a blog post originally written for – a website to help young people through tough times With the F1 season back in swing this past week, many have been turning their attention to the Sunday races. While  David Coulthard

Anxiety and Negative Self Talk

A guy walks past you and bumps into you. How do you respond? Do you think “oh, he must be in a hurry” and move on? Or do you think, “Geez! What is that guy’s problem, I can’t believe he

Count What Matters – Helping a friend with an eating disorder As many of you in the health community know, this week (February 26-March 3rd) is National Eating Awareness Week in America, and this past week (February 20-26th) in Ireland. So, to do my part, today’s post is about the