The Benefits of Exercise and Mental Health

The Benefits of Exercise and Mental Health

Benefits of exercise Research has shown that exercise and physical activity is just as beneficial to our minds as it is to our bodies. In fact, engaging in physical activity can actually decrease symptoms of depression (Foley et al., 2008)

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: The Health Risks Behind Sleep Deprivation

This is an article I originally wrote on behalf of for publication in the Irish Sunday Business Post You are busy at work, trying to finish a deadline to hand into your boss, and you decide to miss out on sleep to get

How Misinformation Effects Memory

Tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the year here in the Midwest! Oh wait, I was mistaken, it’s is supposed to be hot, but it won’t be the hottest day of the year. Do I have you thinking

The Internet’s Effect on our Memory

The British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Research Digest  and the Scientific American both have recently discussed the effects the internet has had on our brains and our memory abilities. Stephen Kosslyn from Hardvard University told BPS that, “The Internet is a kind of collective memory.”