Teenage Depression & The ReachOut Charity Lunch

As you may have guessed from reading my blog, I volunteered for nearly two years writing articles for Reach Out, a youth mental health website. They were so kind to invite me as their guest to the Paul Stafford Charity Lunch. The lunch

Postnatal Depression

This blog post was originally written on behalf of ReachOut.com for the Irish Sunday Business Post. The adjustment after having had a baby is always a bit difficult. It is not uncommon to feel sad, stressed, and down; but when the sadness

Attachment Styles – What are they?

The attachments we form with our primary caregivers are the most important relationships we will ever make. They give us the foundation for all future relationships and teach us how to handle everyday events in our lives. When our experiences

Birth Order and Personality: Is there a really a difference?

How often do you hear, “Oh, they’re both oldest children? Oh yeah… that’ll last.” Or, “She’s the baby of the family? She must be spoiled…” Ok, maybe you don’t hear it as much as much as I do; however, chances are you have heard

Addiction and Codependency

Codependency… it’s something we hear quite a bit. You may have heard about someone being dependent on someone or something else, but what is codependency? What is codependency? The definition of codependency according to Mental Health America is: behavioural and emotional condition

It’s all in the family: The Cycle of Depression

You go to the doctor, therapist, psychiatrist… and they ask for your medical history. Does your family have a history of COPD? Cancer? Heart Problems? What about depression? When you get to that question, you may think, there is a

Your Brain on Kids

I saw this interesting article recently on Scientific American’s website called, “Motherhood: Your Brain on Kids” that I thought I’d share. You can watch the video here… In case you aren’t able, or don’t have time to watch the video,