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Today marks the beginning of Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Since the year 2000, the amount of people diagnosed each year with eating disorders has risen by 15%. It is very important that if you think you may have an eating disorder to seek professional help from a therapist and/or your GP.  For now we are going to look at some of the mobile app’s out there that can help support anyone suffering form an eating disorder.  Although these applications are no replacement for therapy, they can help to prevent relapse, and to help supplement your journey to recovery.

Recovery Record  -Free for both android and iPhone. It is designed to help people suffering from anorexia, bulimia, compulsive and binge eating. It can also be used in conjunction with your therapist if they are a registered treatment provider or on your own.

Optimism  – Free for iPhone. It helps you to chart your moods and emotional triggers that lead to destructive behaviours. This app can also be used in conjunction with your therapist if they are a registered treatment provider or on your own.

Positive Thinking  – This free android application helps you to promote positive thinking. It allows you to customise which areas of improvement you are interested in. You can also set inspirational quotes as widgets on your home screen.

Cognitive CBT Diary – This application is free for android. It allows you to use CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy) to challenge negative thought processes that tend to accompany eating disorders. It also allows you to track events and rate your distress.

Recovery Box  – This app is available for iPhones for €1.79 or £1.49. The app uses the 12-step programme to help challenge eating disorder behaviours. It allows you to connect with sponsors and/or therapists as well.

If you think you may be suffering from an eating disorder, and would like to talk to someone, call theBodywhys LoCall helpline at 1890 200 444 if you are in Ireland. If you are in the UK, call the Anorexia & Bulimia Care  at 03000 11 12 13, and selection option 2 for the sufferer helpline.

Nicole Paulie is a Counselling Psychologist, and co-author of “How to be Happy and Healthy – The seven natural elements of mental health.” She provides therapy in the Dublin city area. Contact us to learn more or to book an appointment.

ATB: Top Eating Disorder Recovery Apps
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