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With the F1 season back in swing this past week, many have been turning their attention to the Sunday races. While  David Coulthard works hard each race to help commentate and present it on television for BBC, some may not realise the hard path he is taken to get there.


Many people know David now as one of the BBC commentators for Formula One. Before that, he was a Formula One race car driver, winning 13 Grand Prix races over 15 seasons. He was on top of the world, living a dream as a successful racer for McLaren. However, it wasn’t known until a few years ago that in his early racing days he suffered from Bulimia. David explained in autobiography, “It Is What It Is” how he felt he needed to use extreme measures to keep his weight down for racing.

It’s not just the ladies

When people think of eating disorders, most of them imagine skinny supermodels. However, there are many men who suffer from eating disorders as well. In fact, almost 25% people who suffer from eating disorders are men. Some men feel ashamed to seek help because of this stereotype that only women suffer from the disorder. Eating disorders do appear differently in men though. Men who suffer from anorexia are more likely to focus on over-exercising and building muscle mass, than only restricting their diet.

Know the signs

In addition to bulimia being prevalent in certain types of sports, some may use it as a way to cope with anger, depression, stress, and sadness. It can be helpful to know the signs if you are worried about someone else’s eating habits or your own…

  • Being secretive about what they are eating and when
  • Visiting the bathroom straight after eating
  • Over-exercising
  • Sore throat
  • Eating unusually large amounts of food

Check out Eating Disorders for more information.

Reaching Out

Whether you are a guy or girl, no matter the reason, suffering from an eating disorder is still hard cope with. If you think you may have an eating disorder, a GP, therapist, or nutritionist can help explain to you what your treatment options may be. Check out face-to-face help for more information.

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Men and Eating Disorders
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