The following article is a press-release that was released today about the upcoming group Lifestyle Changes for Emotional Well-Being. 

MyMind is delighted to announce a new course starting in January designed to support people to make lifestyle changes aimed at reducing the risk of depression and anxiety. Originally developed in the United States, where it has shown very positive results*, this is the first time the Lifestyle Changes for Emotional Well-Being course will be offered in Ireland, through a partnership between MyMind-Mental Health Matters, a community-based mental health services provider, Counselling Psychologist, Nicole Paulie, and FLYEfit gym.

Delivered weekly in a group format over 12 sessions, the course will include access to a personal fitness trainer to help with setting goals and motivation, while supporting people to make changes in five key areas – diet, sleep, physical activity, light-exposure and social connections – that have been proven to significantly reduce anxiety and depression.

”I am so excited to be bringing this course to Dublin,” says Nicole Paulie, originally from the U.S. and who has been working in Ireland as a Counselling Psychologist for the past two years. ”We all know that making lifestyle changes can really improve our mental health, but we also know how difficult it can be to actually implement those changes in practice, in our daily lives. This course is about helping people to do just that, to learn how make lasting changes, in a supportive environment; so that they can reduce their risk of depression or anxiety and develop the practical skills and resilience to cope with life’s stresses.”

The Lifestyle Changes for Emotional Well-Being course is based on a treatment programme called Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) for Depression from the University of Kansas in the United States. This is an evidence-based treatment for depression that focuses on wellness and lifestyle change, as a complement or alternative to medication. Changes are focused on five main areas: diet, sleep, physical activity, light-exposure and social connections. Research has shown that, when these key elements are changed, it dramatically decreases depressive and anxious symptoms and decreases the likelihood of experiencing a depressive episode in the future.

Ms Paulie emphasises the importance of having alternatives to medication available, ”All of the elements in the treatment programme have been shown to have a strong anti-depressant effect, and I think many people may not be aware that there are viable alternatives to going the medication route that can have a significant positive impact. This new initiative in collaboration with MyMind and FLYEfit is about making alternatives accessible to people, and at less than €36 per week, including a personal trainer, I think it represents excellent value for people looking to take positive action for their mental health at the start of the new year.”

Course details

Date: Course runs from 14 January to 15 April 2014

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: 1 Chelmsford Rd, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Fee: €425 (i.e. less than €36 per week, including personal fitness trainer in collaboration with FLYEfit gym). Payable in installments – please contact the office on 076 680 1060


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New Year – New You! New Course on Tackling Depression and Anxiety the Natural Way comes to Ireland
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